Wednesday, January 30, 2008

working with dad

Nick and Addy are taking tickets at the Sauk Centre Conservation Club's annual breakfast.


Addy is messy from painting. Bath time usually follows any type of painting project with her. She would rather be playing with the paint that putting it onto paper.

smiley guy

Will has the cutest smile. He loves it when Mommy sings "You Are My Sunshine" to him. He smiles, cooes and almost giggles.

Friday, January 18, 2008

off to daycare

Addy loves daycare. Today she is off to Sarah's house. She continues to attend daycare 3 days a week while I am on maternity leave. I don't think she'd have it any other way. Today she is just "itching" to get out of the house. Nick is dropping her off today. She loves to ride in his van. She was so excited to go today...I just had to catch a photo of it!

napping boys

Both of the boys love to nap. When Nick is in charge of Will, you are sure to find them in the recliner.

proud big sister

Addy asks to hold Will everyday. I have a feeling she will be trying to pick him up on her own soon...I better keep on eye out!
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