Saturday, August 23, 2008

thank you uncle john

Uncle John bought Addy her first bike for her 2nd birthday. The bike was labeled 3+, so we put it aside thinking she would ride her tricycle through the summer. To our surprise, she took to the bike in a matter of a month or so after her birthday. She's been on it every chance she gets. Don't worry...she always wears a helmet.

video of will

I accidentally captured this short video clip of Will playing in the sand. Nothing special, but cute none-the-less.

mom and me

Thursday, August 21: We sent Nick on a fishing trip, sent Will to day care and spent the day together, just mom and Addy. After dropping Nick off in St. Cloud, we traveled to Maple Grove for shopping and lunch. We met up with Jodi and helped her pick out a suit jacket for her interview. We stopped at Target in Monticello for more shopping and supper. Our last stop was the Bounce Depot in Waite Park. We played for about and hour on giant inflatable slides, mazes and rock walls. It was a blast! What a fun day!

at grandpa and grandma hoffman's house

Having fun with cousin Ethan. Addy and Ethan found a chipmunk and fed it sunflower seeds. Grandpa holding Will.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

at the lake

we had a great day at the cabin. Will played in the water and sand for the first time. He loved it! Although, I did have to keep him from eating the rocks and sand. Addy, as usual, is hilarious. I'm not sure what she was thinking while wearing the pink goggles in the photo. All I know is that she wore them around for what seemed to be the longest time. She really liked them. In the photo from left to right: William, 8 months, Wyatt, 2 months, and Addison, 28 months.